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You can now purchase The Alim and Arabic Playhouse online and start using them immediately. The Alim is only $39.95 for the full version or $24.95 without recitation. Arabic Playhouse is only $14.95. Order today.

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Our mission is to bring authentic knowledge of Islam to the Western World. Since 1986 ISL has been creating the highest quality and most useful Islamic software available. ISL's products make it easy for anyone to learn about Islam, the Quran, Hadith, and Muslim history and culture.

Curious about Islam? Let The Alim Guide You.

The Alim is a unique and exciting educational software product that makes learning about Islam fun and interesting for the whole family! Experience the wonder of the Quran and Hadith without spending hours poring through thousands of pages in dozens of books. More >

Need to teach your children Qur'anic Arabic?

Arabic Playhouse is one of the easiest and fastest ways to learn Qur'anic Arabic using just your PC! More >

ISL Software has been developing and marketing the world's best and most useful Islamic Software for almost 20 years and we have thousands of satisfied users in dozens of countries.


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